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Born in 1971 in Laval, from 1989, she began her training in Plastic Arts at the Faculty of Rennes which enabled her to obtain the CAPES and to become a teacher in Plastic Arts in 1994.


Passionate regularly browsing the exhibitions and workshops of ceramists  and curious to learn new artistic techniques, internships allow her to put her hands in the ground:

- modeling and shaping from 2003, raku from 2009, filming in 2011...

And always: drawings and paintings, etc...


She performs sketches and colorful statuettes that evoke life and movement:

The pieces are turned, shaped, colored with engobes, fired for the first time at 1000°, then enamelled.

After a second firing (either earthenware or stoneware), additions of various materials (feathers, plants, etc.) give life to the creations.

In all of his creations, the tendency to reverie and dreamlike persists and is expressed with a stylized figurative production, a little baroque, treated with fantasy, humor...
  The themes of birds and nature are recurrent. Visual storytelling is central to his work.
A small world filled with stories that the spectators are able to reinvent, the absence of a title giving free rein to everyone's creative spirit.


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